Candidate for United States Representative District 24

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Dear Voter:

I am running for elected office because I have never been asked nor have I volunteered to serve our Country.  There is a guilt feeling  because so many others are sacrificing.  I want to get our Government in Washington D.C. off our backs and out of our pockets. 

How can I help the most at this point in my life?  Rather than continuing to shake my fist at the television set when the actions of Congress are reported in the news, I concluded just win an election against an incumbent that symbolizes everything that is wrong in Washington, D.C.  As a U.S. Representative, I could truly represent the voters' voice. 

My first move, if elected, is to stop and reverse bad legislation.  I will push to simplify the legislative process and make it easy to understand.  I do not like the career politician situation in Washington, D.C.  As a spark ignites a forest fire, I want to be the spark in the U.S. Congress that starts the flame of Term Limits which if adopted as a Consitutional Amendment will change the makeup and power bases of the U.S. Congress as we know it today. This single act will virtually eliminate the problems we are having with members of Congress and increase the chance of attracting people to Congress whose only agenda is to serve their Country.

No one will jerk my chain but my wife.  I will wear my black hat to Washington D.C.  I will  not be the good ole get-along-boy.  Please read the Knothole article presented in the Fort Worth Star Telegram.  I believe the Knothole profile fits my opponent.  Please double click on Dallas Morning News Responses, Issues, and Story.  I support the Tea Party Movement. 

Check out the incumbent on and you will see he has a very poor attendance record, skips many votes and he is rated as a follower.  Mr. Marchant, the incumbent, long old time politican and my opponent created just 17 Bills in 5 years.  Mr. Micheal Burgess, new to politics, created 81 Bills in the same 5 years.  Mr. Burgess is working 5 times harder than Mr. Marchant.  Mr. Marchant needs to be fired.   He is lazy, complacent and weighted down with cronyism.  A newcomer like me could do a much better job.

Please forward my website to your email friends and ask them to forward to their email friends.  It does not matter where they live.   

Please vote starting:

February 16, 2010 to March 2, 2010. 

Political advertisement paid by Frank Roszell for Congress,

3438 Blueberry Lane Grapevine Texas 76051.  Vandolyn Roszell ,Treasurer.

Frank R. Roszell


Grapevine, Texas

District 24 consists of portions or all of the following cities.

  • Bedford

  • Carrollton

  • Cedar Hill

  • Colleyville

  • Coppell

  • Dallas

  • Duncanville

  • Euless

  • Farmers Branch

  • Grand Prairie

  • Grapevine

  • Hurst

  • Irving

  • Lewisville

  • Southlake