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Term Limits

We need to Unite behind a single cause that would send the strongest message ever and insist it be voted on by Congress or we will zero in on the ones who do not vote in favor in November. 80% of voters in this country want Term Limits. It is a non partisan issue. It is in the Texas Republican platform but it is lip service. It is not in the National Republican platform. In 1951, the Congress inserted an amendment to limit the President to two four year terms. He did not have the power to veto the legislation. They did not do the same for Congress. Congress made this move because they were afraid of developing a King. But guess what? Now we have a lot of little kings running around in Congress. 50% of the Congress are lawyers, trained to take an adversarial position on any issue. My experience indicates only 20 to 25% of Graduating lawyers excel in their profession. We have a glut of lawyers looking for income. So that means we have over 200 mediocre lawyers in our legislatures seeking a living and creating legislation with unintended consequences. Some have been there over 40 years and are rich on a Congressman's salary. Joe Biden is an example.

Congress serving Two terms would be consistent with the Constitution and the Presidency

For those who say vote them out if you want term limits, are usually not the common folks. They know how the system has been developed to make a super advantage to an incumbent. We need a systematic turn over of people elected to office to stop the abuse and method of power building.

My research tells me there is no other way to get term limits than for Congress to vote in an amendment to the Constitution as they did the Presidency in 1951. To get Congress to do that would take unbelievable pressure by the Citizens of this Country. This may be our only shot!!! Strike while the iron is hot!!!

Second Amendment, states- people to keep and bear arms,shall not be infringed. That means no Gun Control. I am a member of the NRA and the Texas Rifle Association. I am also licensed to carry. .


Eliminate the Death Tax and Captial Gains Tax.  Make Bush Tax cuts permanent.  Long term, a Flat tax that does not hurt property owners or businesses should be implemented.

To Seniors

I intend to protect Seniors from Legislative threat every time the wind changes in Congress.  Seniors fear the worst. Leave the Seniors alone. The government must keep its promises and bargains with Seniors. Fixed income seniors need stability and comfort in their quality of life and Congress continually frightens them unnecessarily. .

Accountability and transparency

It is hypocritical and a lie for any Congress person to profess a need for transparency and support Earmarks. Earmarks must stop!

There should be an investigative body in Congress that researches as does Glen Beck. One reason I want to go to Congress is because I do not understand how all these bad things happen and no one can see it coming. I will be a whistle blower!

Stop Corruption and Tax Fraud

The cash business in this country and the evasion of taxes is a source of revenue that escapes our tax coffers. These cheats do not pay their taxes and we suffer an additional tax burden. Clamping down on this practice is a must.

Medicare fraud can be reduced by providing the Senior patient a clear understandable way of auditing transactions and reporting suspected fraud. Most seniors know if the system is abused it may go away. But in my case when reporting fraud to Medicare, they more or less said do not bother and made me uncomfortable for reporting. All the Seniors would be the police for Medicare fraud if an easy system of auditing a bill and reporting fraud was implemented. We would have millions of police trying to protect the system.

Immigration reform

The 14th Amendment states a child born in the United States is a natural born citizen. The amendment should add a qualifier that the child must have one parent who is a U.S. Citizen at the time of birth. We should protect our borders the best we can using the emphasis on technology and electronic detection which is more than likely the cheapest form of security. No matter how we enforce our borders, there will always be some who get through. So we need a comprehensive policy.

I suggest we use a work visa program. Border states through whatever means necessary will determine the non-citizen work needs. Interior states will do the same and report it to the closest border state. The total non-citizens will be reported to the federal government for statistical purposes. This reporting system will determine each states need for non-citizens' workforce and the Nation's total need.

Non-citizens with a U.S. Citizen baby, because the spouse at the time of birth was a U.S. Citizen, will get the first visa in the state they live and get at the back of the line to become a citizen. Those who are in the U.S. illegally will be forgiven for their trespasses and be given a work visa unless criminality is involved. If criminality is involved, they will be deported. If they desire citizenship, they apply and get at the back of the line if there is one and undergo the normal process. Any left over visas will be offered across the border as specified by the Federal Government. All employers must hire visa approved workers. All visa holders will pay tax, social security and sundry items as if a Citizen but CANNOT vote or hold a government job. All visa holders will pay for the visa permits and that money will be used to fund the visa programs.

We do not want to break up families. The 14th Amendment should be changed so a couple who has a child and they are both non-citizens, making the child a non-citizen when born. If they both have visas, they can send their child to school as they will be paying tax as any other citizen. If a work visa runs out, the whole family must go back to their original country. It is a must that Federal and State enforce the law and report any non visa holder they find, arresting and deporting.

Tort Reform

Lawsuits against care givers and care giver facilities can be slowed by using the following procedure:

A lawsuit filed against a care giver or care giver facility will have only 30 days to settle. After 30 days, the lawsuit must take its normal course. The suit cannot be dropped and must go through the first court level. The Loser pays all. The payment must be made before appeal. This will stop filing of frivolous lawsuits and trying to force settlement because of cost.

Work Smart Group

All businesses do not have time to keep up with or research better ways of doing things in their business. Young people know the technological systems well but do not have the background of older more experienced Business people. I propose a work smart group for each business category whose function would be to research new technology, evaluate, and advise businesses of all sizes with the information on such technology. Combining the skilled youth with the veteran businessman would make an excellent team to find ways to reduce cost for those who work in that industry.

No business will be forced to do anything. For example, online Doctors can be contacted directly thus cutting down office costs. Patient appointments and follow-ups can be done electronically. These are just a few examples.

We can help reduce costs by working smarter not harder, but we must have a systematic way of looking for more efficient ways to do business.

Campaign Finance

At the end of an election, all money collected for a Campaign Race must be sent to a charity. No more slush funds. That way at least financially, both incumbent and contender start off on same foot. Record keeping and filing fees should be reduced and simplified so the procedures in themselves are not a deterrent to enter a political race.

It is very difficult for a newcomer to enter a political race. When it is difficult to engage in the race, the Country loses because the voters' options are reduced.

Minimum wage

Minimum wage is a joke. Like other things the market will adjust as needed. Economist say the last increase in minimum wage cost 300,000 jobs lost.

Pro Life

No Federal funding for abortions.

Race Relations

It is about time the word ‘American' being prefaced with another identification stop. The word ‘American' should be enough to identify a United States citizen. Any citizen who uses two words emphasizes their heritage and brings attention to our differences. Worrying about our differences is the basis for prejudice in race relations. Let us put that aside into our memory and be proud of our heritage, but not use it to brow-beat others in our country. Referencing one's heritage and blaming one's failures because of heritage alone could be deemed prejudicial.

God Bless America and ALL its American Citizens.